Are you looking down the road?

Regardless of your present financial position, everyone needs a plan. During the development process we work with you to prioritize your goals and balance your current lifestyle with your future needs.

Financial planning is a multi-faceted relationship that may involve retirement dreams, investment management, estate plans, major purchase preparations and/or automatic monthly budgeting & cash flow mapping.

INDIVIDUALS // We'll help you:

  • Evaluate your current situation
  • Organize credit cards, student loans, 401(k), stock options, emergency fund, etc
  • Quantify, prioritize, and plan for your financial and life goals
  • Simplify and organize your monthly cash flow planning
  • Consolidate your financial accounts
  • Develop an investment strategy in seeking to make your money work harder for you


  • Strategize for taxes and and seek to maximize deductions
  • Evaluate bank/credit card accounts
  • Review business structure
  • Discuss managing unpredictable income
  • Factor your business into your personal financial plan
  • Assess profitability and how to pursue a consistent income
Our overall goal is to make our clients’ lives better. Getting perspective on your short and long-term goals in relation to your financial situation can help reduce stress. Trying to automate the cash flow planning is ideal for busy families who have no time to sit down and pay bills.
— Kevin Laman