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Q: What do you offer that I may not to find with other financial advising firms?

A: Specialists. We specialize in (1) financial planning for Americans who expect to become expatriates, (2) empowering women in asset management, (3) surgeons and high-risk mentality investors, (4) retirement planning with a focus on age-related housing, (5) the psychological aspects of investing, and (6) young, very busy families. And we are one of the few firms requiring our advisors to achieve CFPR designation.

Q: Can we have a no-obligation conversation?

A: Of course! There is no charge for the first meeting with a prospective client. During this meeting we will spend some time getting to know you and your financial situation. If we believe we will be able to meet your needs then you will receive an estimate for the work we plan to do, and the costs involved. At that point, the decision is yours. Our advisors will not pressure anyone to hire them as an advisor. We feel it is important for you to find the right fit.

Q: Isn’t investing pretty standardized with pre-packaged strategies and robo-advising?

A: Not at SolomonWood. We don’t plug your financials into a formula that figures out which product you need to buy. Our financial advisors listen well and work hard to discover the direct, and sometimes indirect factors affecting your individual situation. Your custom-tailored plan goes beyond financial gain and embraces lifestyle hopes and dreams for the future. It’s a conversation you should enjoy.

Q: What is the client fee arrangement?

A: As financial planners, we are held to the fiduciary standard. We charge one fee to create the plan and then an annual fee for asset management services if you choose for us to execute the plan. There are no surprises. We are always upfront with how, why, and when you can expect to be charged for our services. No services will be performed without first communicating with the client. We can be compensated on both a fee-based or commission schedule, and as independent advisors there is no incentive to sell proprietary products.

Q: Many financial advisors are aligned with specific financial products or institutions; which ones are favored by SolomonWood?

A: None in particular; our recommendations are unique to each client and 100% focused on their best interests. We have no pre-selected investment, retirement, or insurance products to sell.

Q: Why do you place an emphasis on cross-generational financial planning?

A: With so many Baby Boomers entering retirement, there is a lot of focus on their financial needs. In fact, many young adults don’t even know the financial advisor or the plans that are in place for their parents. When a crisis occurs, they are scrambling to figure out the available resources instead of focusing on mom or dad’s health. The true definition of financial planning is looking way down the road with the whole family. It’s a healthy conversation for everyone. And because our financial advisors are members of the younger generations, we plan to be around to manage the plans for first, second and even third generation family members.